Hot Rods and Compushift In Kirkland, WA

Kirkland Transmission has a long history of working with high performance and custom cars, and it's a significant honor to be an exclusive distributor of Compushift Electronic Transmission Controllers for the greater Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas.

Why Go Electronic?

Antique three speed automatic transmissions are a thing of the past for high performance cars. Compushift electronically controls your transmission with lock-up torque converters and overdrive, that lets you to use gear ratios that'll give the off-the-line power -- plus give you top gear cruising RPM that will make your engine run like new. Compushift's locking torque converter can reduce engine speed by 300 - 500 RPM while improving fuel economy and lowering transmission temperature.

Built For High Performance

CompuShift Kit- Transmission Repair in Kirkland WA
Huge cams and low engine vacuum do not affect electronically controlled transmissions. Shift points are not based on cables or governors The Compushift controller reads a precisely calibrated throttle position sensor and drive shaft speed. combines that with information in a shift table calibrated for your vehicle, and sends the correct command to the transmission 100 times per second.

Who Is Compushift Designed For?

Compushift and a modern transmission are the perfect combination for the owner looking to put a modern power-train in a nostalgia, street hot rod, race car, or heavy truck.

Complete Installation Service

Kirkland Transmission can handle the complete installation of the Compushift Electronic Transmission Controller into your vehicle. Our trained technicians can also modify your existing transmission or install a new one if needed. Years of experience with working with performance cars makes Kirkland-Transmission the perfect choice for all your special needs.
Brads Ttruck after installing new compushift and transmission
Underside veiw of Brads truck after work done

Compushift Kits Available For Sale

Kirkland Transmission also sells the Compushift kits for installation by other service shops or individuals. Installation of the Compushift controller is straight forward. Any mechanic who has installed an ignition system or radio should be able to install the unit in a few hours, assuming that the transmission is already properly installed.

Free Installation & Setup Instructions

Contact Kirkland Transmission for a Free Installation and Setup instructions for the Compushift Transmission Controller kit.