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Understanding the Importance of Fuel Injector Maintenance and Repair

In these economic times, it is important to keep your vehicle at top efficiency order to maintain its economic value and longevity of your vehicle. One of the most neglected maintenance issues relates to your fuel injectors by continuing to operate your vehicle with expired fuel injectors can ruin performance and lead to expensive car repairs.
When you turn off your vehicle, gasoline droplets remain in and on the fuel injectors. The heat of the engine promotes the baking and buildup of residue. This buildup will clog the injectors and cause a multitude of problems including:
How To Test Fuel Injectors
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Poor Fuel Economy
Poor Engine Performance
High Emissions
Many of these symptoms are diagnosed wrongly, but can be remedied with regular cleaning of the injectors by a professional injector cleaning service and part of your regular tune up or periodic maintenance. When the professional cleaning of the injectors is performed, including flushing the injectors of any buildup, the longevity of the injector is increased dramatically. If buildup is allowed to remain of a longer period of time than recommended interval maintenance, then the probability of replacement goes up tremendously, along with replacement costs.

Good News! The Doctor Is In Town

Good News for the people of Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland, Washington Doctor Injector is now in town! Kirkland Transmission now offers and sales Doctor Injector's full line of fuel injector services and products.

The Dirty Secret About Fuel Injectors

Electronic Fuel Injectors rarely die, they just get dirty! Kirkland Transmission will test, clean and completely reseal your injectors with all O.E.M. o-rings, filter screens, and pintle caps at an affordable cost. You will save money compared to high replacement costs of new injectors that other shops will charge you.

How Does A Fuel Injector Work?

A fuel injector is nothing more than a high-speed valve for gasoline. An engine computer or controller is used to control the fuel injector. Contrary to popular belief, this is not done by sending power to the injector. Fuel injectors are normally fed power whenever the ignition key is on. The computer controls the negative, or ground side, of the circuit. When the computer provides the injector with a ground, the circuit is completed and current is allowed to flow through the injector. This energizes an electromagnetic coil inside the injector, which pulls a sealing mechanism (pintle, ball, or disc) away from its seat. This makes it possible for fuel to flow through the injector and into the engine. When the computer removes the electrical ground to the injector, the electromagnetic coil becomes demagnetized and a spring forces the pintle, ball, or disc shut to cut off fuel flow. Even at an engine speed of just 1000 RPM , this is done hundreds of times per minute.

What is included in injector service?

Injectors are tested to see if they function properly. Its flow rate and fuel spray pattern are checked to determine if it is working properly, and its impedance is tested. The injector is then cleaned and flushed, and any serviceable parts, such as o-rings, seals, and plastic pintle caps, are replaced. After this, the injector is re-tested to note any improvements in performance due to the service. All of the measurements and information gathered during testing is recorded on an analysis sheet that is shipped to the customer along with the injector. When multiple injectors are provided, the injectors are also checked against one another to make sure that they are matched in performance.
Injector Cleaning

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